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McLaren USA Inc.
3535 NW 58th, Suite 600 Oklahoma City, OK 73112 [Map It]

McLaren USA, Inc. is the manufacturer of the McLaren Photonic Torch, a non-invasive treatment device that encourages healing in the body through stimulation of acupuncture points using single wavelength light therapy.

The McLaren Photonic Torch is a hand-held device utilizing single wavelength light diodes for greatest penetration and efficacy. The device emits light wavelengths that are harmless to the skin and cellular tissue, and that produce no thermal or laser effect. The healing effect of the Photonic Torch occurs because of energy transference to body cells as light waves penetrate the skin. This energy stimulation at acupuncture points causes the body to release neurochemicals that stimulate the healing process at the cellular level, resulting in more rapid healing.

The Photonic Torch is placed directly on the subject’s skin over specific acupuncture points for durations of 5-10 seconds, every two days. Treatment may continue for up to three weeks. Relief typically begins within the first week of beginning treatment. The Photonic Light is not a laser light and is not harmful to body tissues. Application of the Photonic Torch is safe, sterile, and non-invasive. It allows treatment at the cellular level because of the light wavelength’s ability to penetrate deeply.

Phone Number (866) 887-0131   Website Visit Their Website

Patricia M. Cahill
1743 Dundee Road Northbrook, IL 60062 [Map It]

Phone Number (847) 376-5478   

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