Our Premier Kennel Management System

This Product is a complete and secure web-based boarding kennel management application that gives you real-time information, integrated accounting, and processing power from anywhere you can hook-up to the Internet. This global access to a centralized database offers not only faster processing time, but the ability to run up-to-the-minute reports and handle transactions, enterprise-wide, from anywhere at any time. When you streamline your workflow with Pawtracker's™ flexible options and automated tasks, you insure your company's competitive edge. [Read more...]

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Global Features

  • Multi-Location ability
  • Advance Search Capabilities
  • Automatically Email reservation confirmations
  • Late Arrivals/No-Show alerts
  • Late Departure alerts
  • Client Open Balance Alert
  • User audit trails to track what your employees are doing on the system
  • Online Help including a complete system guide, table of contents, indexed search function, and printable
  • Comprehensive grids to show summary and detail of all vital information about reservations, transactions, and histories

Client Management

  • Store multiple pets per client
  • Store multiple addresses
  • Store multiple phone numbers
  • Store multiple email addresses
  • Add authorized persons to client account for handling pets
  • Add notes for a client stamped by username and date

Pet Management

  • Store vital information
  • Store medication information
  • Store vaccination information
  • Store temperament information
  • Store feeding information
  • Store veterinary information and assign one or multiple hospitals
  • Add notes for a pet stamped by username and date

Reservation Management

  • Make all types of pet service reservations
  • 3 step wizard makes the reservation process easy
  • Make reservations for single or multiple pets
  • Ability to Group multiple pets in the same run
  • Make notes specific to the reservation stamped by username and date
  • Add additional services or products to a reservation
  • Keeps accurate records of cancelled or no-show reservations
  • Auto-assign Run according to availability
  • Ability to move pets to different runs after check-in
  • Easy check-in/check-out stamped by actual arrival/departure time
  • Setup recurring or block reservations
  • Alerts for expired vaccinations

Grooming Management

  • Assign Tasks to Groomer
  • Manange Groomer Schedules
  • Grooming Profiles for Pets

Resource Management

  • Employee Time Clock - In/Out
  • Store Vital Resource Information
  • Set schedules for Human Resources
  • Calendar View of Resource Schedule
  • Assign Resource Groups

Inventory Management

  • Product Management per location
  • Ability to adjust or reconcile with physical inventory
  • Add products to Client Reservations for future sale
  • Reorder warnings
  • Reports

Receivable Management

  • Keep accurate accounting of your clients' purchases and balance
  • Records invoice for every reservation transaction
  • Ability to accept and record multiple payment types
  • Discount Control for applying discounts to invoices
  • Complete transaction history by client
  • Search clients with balances

Prepaid Package Management

  • Manage your client's credits for services like daycare or grooming
  • Automatically deducts clients' credits when services are rendered
  • Credits are accurately maintained via a credit inventory and reporting system
  • Adjustment Control for flexibility of adding or subtracting credits that are not purchased

Security Management

  • Default Roles setup with permissions
  • Administrators can edit permissions
  • Administrators can create your own roles and manage users based on those roles
  • Ability to hide sensitive information from you employee or contrator users
  • Abililty to allow or disallow users to edit, add, or delete for all modules based on permissions


  • List Management for food, medications, vaccinations, color, breeds, and temperament
  • Run Mangement that allows user to set up and manage runs
  • Setup charge codes for different products and services
  • Manage system users


  • Run Cards
  • Run Statistics
  • Occupancy Reports
  • Run Availability
  • Pet and Client Reports
  • Financial Reports
  • Custom Report

Other Features and Benefits

  • 100% secured data using the most advanced encryption
  • Web-enable application allow you to gain access to the most current data anywhere, anytime
  • Enhancements and updates are included with your Pawtracker™ subscription
  • Daily data Backups are included in subscription fee
  • Unlimited email support
  • No installation necessary!